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Thorleif has delivered over 300 lectures in Europe and in the USA over the last 5 years, covering his two favorite topics:

  • Arctic Voyages, Climate Change and Arctic History
  • A cross-disiplinary view on what makes team perform
Foredrag med Thorleif Thorleifsson

Around the North Pole – The historic circumnavigation of the Arctic

In 2010 Thorleif Thorleifsson and Borge Ousland became the first to sail around the Arctic in one, short season.  A voyage through the Northern Sea-route in Russia, the Northwest Passage in Canada and across the North Atlantic back to Norway. In a 31 feet lightweight trimaran. A race against time, and in waters with drifting ice, increasing darkness and autumn gales.

In this lecture Thorleif tell the story – with elements of arctic history and reflections on the changing climate in the Arctic.   

45 min.          


In this lecture, Thorleif compares Performing Team experiences in Art, Expeditions and Business.  Leading to a conclusion on how to ensure good Teaming and high Performance – emphasis on innovation, radical simplicity, good teamwork and combinations of thorough preparation and improvisation.  When done right, resulting in combinations of alignment and agility.

"Inspiring and touching presentation of real adventure that has helped us to onboard people to our transformation journey with brave and energetic mindset."
Jukka Salonen
Chief Portefolio Officer, NORDEA, 2018